Thursday, 9 April 2015


Yesterday, I visited Sky Garden for the first time, It is the highest garden in central London, located in the walkie talkie building at number 20, Fenchurch Street. The space is light and airy with lush green foliage at the centre of the room. Exceptional views across the city can be witnessed from the open air balcony with many a London landmark within close proximity to the garden.

In addition to the luscious ferns and palm trees that line the walkways, there is a bar and restaurant where you can take in the views whilst sipping on a cocktail or two. Of course I chose a margarita although strangely, it wasn't one of the cocktails listed on the menu. Whilst service was painfully slow, the drink was strong and the views were extraordinary. There are far worse ways to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Hola everyone,

Thank you for being so patient with me over the last few months. As many of you know I took a long break from fashion blogging and focussed on my work as a journalist and took up styling. I needed time to recover and refocus my mind on what I wanted to get from blogging and not what others wanted me to get from it.

I am now super excited to announce that Moda de la Mode will be relaunching again this summer and will take on a more personal approach. In the meantime you can stay updated with all my goings on through my social media channels and Tumblr blog.

Also please feel free to message me with anything you would like to see on the new site. Are there any content ideas you think would work well? Anything you think deserves more coverage? I am always willing to take on suggestions as long as they are constructive. Haters gonna hate blah blah blah so no bitching will be tolerated.

Speak soon y'all - stay safe

G x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


London has reached desperately cold temperatures recently and unless you wrap yourself up in endless amounts of layers you are going to freeze. This makes dressing up in anything other than trousers and jumpers seem like a totally crazy idea. However, crazy ideas aside, Baukjen kindly gifted me a simple and sophisticated shift dress that I couldn't resist but to try on and dress up with my winter essentials. 

The dress fits beautifully and is decorated with a bronze zip that runs down the front. Being a magpie, I instantly fell in love with the elegance this zip added to the dress and I just love the fact that you can alter the opening of the zip making it the ultimate day to night dress.

I paired the dress with lace tights, gold capped heels, sequin clutch bag and a super fluffy leopard print coat. It is the ultimate LBD.

Dress - Baukjen, Tights - Accessorize, Shoes - Zara, Bag - H&M, Coat - Primark. 


Wednesday, 23 October 2013


'Rites of Passage' Polina's début collection under the self titled label, POLOSOPHIA, explores the transitions and emotional experiences that lead to pivotal moments in a person's life. It takes us on a journey, each piece of the collection symbolising a new and exciting stage whilst also exposing the rawness and uncertainty that change can stir up.

Face to face, it is hard not to fall instantly in love with Polina. Dressed in exquisite vintage and designer finds picked up from her travels to far flung corners of the globe, she exudes a worldly wise air of confidence whilst remaining completely modest and humble about her talent and achievements. Originally hailing from Belarus, Polina has called Singapore, America and Austria home and is now residing in leafy north London. The move to London was the catalyst to pursuing a life long dream of becoming a fashion designer and it was here that 'Rites of Passage' was imagined, designed and created.

The trophy piece of the collection has to be a beautiful mélange wool trench coat with thick silk panels on the sides and on the sleeves. The design is sexy, elegant and slightly avant garde. Made from all natural fibres, it is luxurious to touch and combines a variety of textures such as soft wool, crisp silk and smooth, buttery leather. Like any of the garments in Polina's collection, the trench coat makes a woman feel feminine, glamorous but also powerful. These are clothes to wear when you want to show the world who's boss.

Fashion film has a huge impact on Polina's visual identity so it was only to be expected that 'Rites of Passage' was documented on camera. Filmed in the place that sparked it all, north London, the film offers a glimpse into the mind of Polina and provides a narrative for the collection. The film also highlights the power of nature and society's desire to pigeon hole everything into a neatly ordered structure.

Although this collection is only the first, it is obvious that Polina has a strong creative vision and a rare talent for creating garments that make the wearer feel unique. Watch this space, exciting times are ahead.


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Monday, 30 September 2013


The Christmas party season is ahead of us and what better way to get into the festive spirit than planning the perfect outfit for all the season's soirées.  If you are anything like me, then you will be obsessed with black and gold. I think it is the perfect colour combination for fall and the mix of textures in this outfit makes the look all the more interesting.

The intricately knitted top from Alexander McQueen combines style with practicality creating the perfect transitional piece. It would be perfect paired with a pair of black denim jeans during the day and even more perfect with this Free People sequin skirt for glamorous nights out on the town. This skirt, with its sexy side slit, is one part grunge and one part bohemian beach babe. Whether you are celebrating new year in Rio or going to a gig in the city of London, this skirt will make you stand out in the crowd and the side slit is perfect for showing off your winter booties. DUO are renowned for creating high quality, beautifully crafted shoes which just happen to go with your entire wardrobe. I am loving these cute little heels with their golden tips that match the gold of the skirt. You can just imagine a dash of gold peeping through from underneath the skirt making the outfit even more festive. Just like the jumper, they would be a total wardrobe staple and would look great with jeans, skirts and dresses.

This outfit balances simplicity with style. Each item can be worn during the day and also during the night allowing for endless combinations of outfits to be imagined. Credit cards at the ready girlies, this season looks set to be a sparkly one.

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Toni & Guy hair salons, known for constantly pioneering new hair trends and providing an innovative insight into the world of hairdressing through their academies, have been cutting hair for 50 years. This milestone achievement comes at a time when they are undertaking their ninth year as official London Fashion Week partner and third year as official sponsor of the British Fashion Awards. These guys are at the top of their game, but the question we have been asking ourselves is what the journey to the top was like? After all, fifty years is a very long time.

Like any good, long standing business, there is always a razor sharp family partnership behind the brand and in Toni & Guy's case, that would be the Mascolos. Toni Mascolo, son of established hairdresser Francesco Mascolo, arrived in England with his mother and brothers at the age of 14 during 1956 and in two years became manager of a large salon. The first Toni & Guy salon opened its doors in 1963 and it was this moment that sparked the next 50 years of success. Ensuring standards never slipped, the Mascolo brothers worked tirelessly to develop the TIGI line of hair products and in 1979 they finally launched the line allowing clients the ability to easily maintain their haircuts at home. 

Fast forward nine years and Toni's daughter Sacha is following in his footsteps after being awarded the British Hairdressing Award's 'Newcomer of the Year' award at the youngest ever age of 19. It is also during this time that Toni & Guy noticed the opportunity to expand and opened the first UK franchise in Brighton, just three years after the first international salon opened in Tokyo, Japan. 

With expansion on the rise and the brand on the road to becoming a super brand, 2001 saw the focus of the company become closely aligned with the fashion industry. Sacha became Global Creative Director and with that also brought exciting collaborations such as the partnership with London Fashion Week. 

Despite being around for 50 years, Toni & Guy still have big plans for the next 50 years. There appears to be no boundaries when it comes to this brand's capabilities and we are eagerly awaiting for the next stage of their plan to be unveiled. There is no stopping these guys. 

To see more from Toni & Guy, visit their website here


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Image via
Since Alexander McQueen debuted the concept of a digital fashion show with the SHOWStudio live stream of his SS10 show it has triggered other brands to push the boundaries of what is capable when technology collides with fashion. His original aim was to turn what is usually an invite only event into global entertainment and in doing so he gained 3.5 million viewers for just that one show.

This has sparked a huge debate across both the fashion and technology industries which has led to a whole series of talks on the subject including one at 'Social Media Week' in London. The evening, aptly titled 'The Future Of The Fashion Show' was hosted by Native, a leading Social brand communications agency, and included a panel of speakers from Holition, Chirp, Twitter, Digital Fashion Week, The British Council and also an expert from Native.

The evening looked at how brands were actively looking to partner with technology based companies such as Apple, Twitter, Holition and Chirp. Aliza Knox  from Twitter enlightened us on the fact that approximately 2 million tweets were sent out using the #NYFW hashtag which instantly proves the global impact technology is having on the fashion industry. Of course the evening could not progress without us addressing the fact that Burberry filmed their entire catwalk show on an iPhone 5s, live streaming it to their Regent Street Store, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. Not only does this go to show that technology such as the iPhone has become so reliable that multinational companies are solely relying on it to document a major event but it also shows that technology has completely revolutionised the way luxury goods approach business. Burberry have gone from being an imposing boutique nestled away in a glamorous neighbourhood to a dynamic retail business using their online presence to drive sales and their flagship store as a showroom of craftsmanship and quality service.

Topshop hired Chirp, an app that uses sound to 'sing' information from one phone to another, for their Topshop Unique SS14 show. Both Chirp and Topshop transformed Regents Park into a technological wonderland with trees and flowers in the park beaming footage from the show to attendee's phones. Once the data reached the phone then the user was able to see footage from the show and even exclusive backstage footage.
Image via

Holition collaborated with London based womenswear label, HEMYCA for their SS14 London Fashion Week presentation, showcasing the collection through an augmented reality experience. Models were stationed around the room wearing garments from the collection whilst guests were given ipads which when held facing the models loaded up with a 3D model of the same garment giving viewers a closer, more tactile look at the collection as seen in the video below.

Whilst all this works wonders for brand exposure, it begs the question as to what brands are really trying to achieve through these kind of collaborations. Kendall Martin-Robbins from the British Council highlighted the idea that both "digital and social are becoming huge influencers on designers in their creative process'." This in turn allows viewers to be exposed to all areas of the globe and a whole cross section of influences. Social media also allows fans of a brand access that is unparallelled by any other medium due to the real time nature of the platforms. Sales and brand awareness are the two major factors that have arisen out of the switch from analog to digital and it is only recently that fashion brands are waking up to the fact that these two factors can be the product of a digital fashion show if executed well.

Keyis Ng and the rest of the team behind 'Digital Fashion Week', which is reaching its second year in Singapore have recognised the need for an eCommerce tie in during fashion week. They have collaborated with a range of Singaporean designers as well as international brands such as Topshop to produce the first fully online fashion week where viewers can get real time backstage footage, watch the shows as they happen and shop the looks as they appear through ASOS Marketplace. The British Council are also partnering with DFW on a series of fashion films called 'Dressing the Screen' which will further strengthen the link between Singapore designers and the Uk, the place where many of them studied.

Image via
Although the collaborations between fashion and technology are only scratching the surface of what is possible, it is interesting to see the endless possibilities that have already arisen. It is unclear at this moment in time as to whether fashion shows will ever become a strictly digital affair but it is certainly moving in that direction. A thought that we were left with last night was of one big global fashion show, held in every major city across the world, united and live streamed through the web. Whatever will they think of next?


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